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Improve your clinical skills and assesments in a fun and engaging way 

Now available for medical students på Mac og Pc


60+ kasus

High quantity training on various internal medicine cases. New ones uploaded every week

Patient encounters

Train you skills in clinical communication and excamiation - practice makes perfect!

Train as a Physician

Master decision-making and treatment strategies in a stimulating and secure environment.

Gamified learning

Interactive learning, proven effective, providing instant feedback.

Practice sessions


Æira offers a multitude of cases within cardiologypulmonary medicine and endocrinology. Engaging scenarios motivate quantity training on exam-relevant content.

Patient encounter

From books to clinic

Navigate patient history, conduct clinical examinations,order necessary tests, and evaluate treatment options holistically.

Clinical decision training

Step into the shoes of a doctor

Feel empowered to make decisions based on your own findings. Without risk to life and health. With Æira, you'll experience increased progression through realistic scenarios.


Gamified learning

Æira takes an interactive approach, challenging multiple parts of your brain. We provide feedback throughout the journey and room for self-assessment. With Æira, you'll take learning to a new level.

Real stories from real clients

"What's great here is that we get to practice the clinical part. We could have done it as a study group (which we didn't because it's stressful) or gone to the hospital (which we couldn't be bothered to do) - this is much easier."


Medical student Oslo

"In Æira, you get to practice comprehensive clinical assessments. It helps consolidate the curriculum in a way that today's teaching doesn't always achieve."


Medical student Oslo

"With Æira, you can listen to and evaluate heart sounds at your own pace. This eliminates the stress that often arises in clinical small groups."


Medical student Oslo


Purchasing Æira grants you full access to all cases in the program for the duration of the subscription.


Access to all cases
Free updates
No commitment period



Access to all cases
Free updates



Access to all cases
Free updates
Save 669 nok!


The team behind Æira!

It all began in 2021. Mari, one of our founders, experienced firsthand throughout medical school and now as a doctor just how significant the gap between the lecture hall and the patient room truly is. With Nils on game development and backend developer Matilde, they are creating game-based simulations for tomorrow's healthcare professionals.

Mari Zimmermann

Founder & CEO, MD

Nils Anderssen

Game developer & CTO

Matilde V. Fiborg

Co-founder & Tech Lead, Computer engineer

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